Giving Ribbons

🎗Giving Ribbons Timed Presale!🎗

2", triple posted

●WHEN: This Monday (12-6) 6pm EST - next Monday (12-13) 6pm EST

*these are pick your own variant, each variant will be listed seperately. LEs will be determined by how many of each variant is ordered when the presale is over. Please allow 6-10 weeks for production (depending on final numbers)*

ALL funds from this presale will be going to the following organizations to help fund research/ assist people affected and their families (the amount of each variant sold will determine how much is given to each org):

❤Red (Hiv/Aids)

🧡Orange (Leukemia)

💛Yellow (Suicide Awareness)

💚Green (Lymphoma)

💙Blue (Prostate Cancer)

💜Purple (Alzheimers)

💗Pink (Breast/Ovarian/Cervical Cancer)

🖤Black (Melanoma)

Each order will come with a limited addition ribbon sticker!
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