Flamingo Flock Fund

These pins will be 2 inches, and full 3D. Each pin is priced at $20 shipped. Production cost per pin is $1.87 (big thank you to Angelia Wu for the discounted price!) I will be covering the $130 mold fee and shipping costs from the factory. 100% of all proceeds will be donated to the charity(s) of that variant!

We are running an open presale, at which time you are able to grab as many of whatever colour you desire! Presale will be open for 2 weeks, or as long as it needs to be to generate funds. Production will take roughly a month, after which they will be shipped out to you!! [Each variant will be limited and numbered, the limit will be determined by amount of units sold over this presale]

Each variant represents a different form of cancer, Alzheimer’s, or suicide awareness. My team has been kind enough to help me in researching the right charities to donate this money to. The majority of these charities chosen help people that are suffering right now that need our help. Searching for a cure is great, but there are SOO many people that need help getting to treatment, making sure they aren’t thrown out on the streets beacuse they’re unable to work, getting the food and nutrients they need to stay strong. As well as helping the families that give up everything they have in hopes of helping the people they love. These are the people that need our help the most, and I truly believe if we ban together, we can make a difference! ❤️

[Disclaimer: if you are ordering products other than the flamingos, please place a separate order. All other products ordered with flamingo pins will be shipped with the flamingos when they are finished]

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